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      Last Updated: January 14, 2020

      As a U.S. company, KnowBe4, Inc., and its US and non-US affiliates, (“KnowBe4”) must comply with various economic sanctions programs and export control requirements administered by the United States, and other jurisdictions where it conducts business. Such laws prohibit KnowBe4 from participating in certain transactions involving restricted countries or parties, be it directly or indirectly, through third-parties, including but not limited to, KnowBe4’s customers, affiliates or third-party business partners.

      With these restrictions in mind, you confirm, on behalf of your organization, that KnowBe4’s products, services, technology, or technical data will not be provided, sold, shipped, or otherwise transferred to any of the following:

      • Parties targeted for boycotts, embargoes, sanctions, or other similar measures by the United Nations Security Council;
      • Parties appearing on the European Union’s Consolidated Sanctions List; the United Kingdom’s List of Consolidated Financial Sanctions Targets;
      • Parties appearing on the Denied Parties List, Entity List, and Unverified List administered by the U.S. Commerce Department;
      • Parties appearing on the sanctions lists administered by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) and the U.S. State Department; or
      • Countries or regions subject to U.S. embargoes or sanctions including, but not limited to, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the disputed Crimea Region;
      • Parties that are at least 50 percent owned or controlled by parties subject to sanctions programs administered by OFAC, whether individually or in the aggregate.

      You further confirm that you, nor the organization in which you represent, nor any of your organization’s affiliates, are subject to, or owned by, or otherwise controlled by parties that are subject to, any of the restrictive trade measures discussed above.

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